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There is more to driving fast than pushing the pedal to the floor. That works fine in a straight line but knowing how to carry speed through the next corner smoothly, efficiently and safely is what makes the difference between a quick driver and a race winner.

S.P.A Track Academy courses are led by two time Le Mans 24 Hour Winner Thomas Erdos. Thomas has the expertise to carry a driver forward, through a comprehensive and structured training regime, all the way to the racetrack.

Over the years he has tutored and coached a string of aspiring drivers from being fast and safe on the road, to becoming professional racing drivers.

That journey could be yours, and it could start here!

Our Track Academy Courses are designed to give drivers the knowledge they need to be able to lap a given Circuit at a higher speed, with a greater safety margin than they had previously.

Safety is our primary concern and we strongly believe that learning the correct techniques is the best way to keep you safe on the track.

Our Track Academy Courses are open to groups of up to 10 Aspiring Drivers or Drivers who are looking to brush up on their skill.

The Course will begin with Classroom based learning, followed by State-of-the-art Driving Simulator Training and finally the opportunity to put your skills to the test on a Track.

The Classroom based learning will cover the various skills and techniques required to greatly improve your driving knowledge before putting them to use on the track.

We Cover a magnitude of skills, techniques and topics.

• Smooth Driving
• Learning the Racing Line
• Threshold Braking / Trail Braking
• Heel and Toe Shifting
• Understanding Weight Distribution
• Controlling Understeer and Oversteer
• Track Etiquette
• Exploiting Straights

Following on from Classroom based training you will then be given the opportunity to put these skills to the test on our State-Of-the-Art Driving Simulator. This gives you the chance to learn any Racetrack anywhere in the world using highly accurate software, given the closest opportunity to the real thing! Moreover, with our expert Track Academy Coach on hand to guide you through the tracks, he can hone-in your skills even before you get to the real racetrack!

The Driving Simulator will also allow you to learn the ideal racing lines around a given circuit prior to the real thing, which is paramount to enable you to lap quickly, yet in the safest way possible.

The final part of the course is where you will hit the racetrack to put your skills and knowledge to the test! With our coach on hand, he will ensure you are driving in the safest possible way. Using a combination of one-to-one driver coaching and GoPro Cameras, our coach will analyse and review your track time ensuring that the Correct Driving Position, Braking Techniques and Racing Lines are being used!

If you would like to know more about any of these courses or are interested in participating / availability, please contact us via Email – enquiries@scuderiaprestige.com or Telephone – 01276 786888.

We now have availability for our 2-day comprehensive courses starting from £1,495

Event 1
Day 1 – Saturday 9th April – (At Scuderia Prestige)
Day 2 – Monday 11th April – (At Silverstone Circuit)

Event 2
Day 1 – Tuesday 7th June – (At Scuderia Prestige)
Day 2 – Wednesday 8th June – (At Silverstone Circuit)

Event 3
Day 1 – Tuesday 12th July – (At Scuderia Prestige)
Day 2 – Wednesday 13th July – (At Silverstone Circuit)

Event 4
Day 1 – Saturday 19th August – (At Scuderia Prestige)
Day 2 – Monday 22nd August – (At Silverstone Circuit)

Event 5
Day 1 – Saturday 17th September – (At Scuderia Prestige)
Day 2 – Monday 19th September – (At Silverstone Circuit)

Event 6
Day 1 – Saturday 1st October – (At Scuderia Prestige)
Day 2 – Monday 3rd October – (At Silverstone Circuit)

*All Silverstone Events are restricted to 102 Decibels (Noise Level)
To Secure your booking please contact us to place your deposit.